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As a former HP employee I can tell that I still have a lot of friends in the company so it is very easy for me to find very good HP ink coupons and post them here for everyone who would want them. Because I will tell you a little known secret that you may or may not know about the HP ink coupons: even the best coupon does not bring the price low enough to be even remotely adequate for the quantity of ink provided and how many pages it will print out. That is because the HP philosophy is that of most major brand companies: they undercharge you on the printer because they know that as soon as that ink is done you will be stuck with a huge piece of hardware and in desperate need of ink. And this is the best moment for them to come in and over charge you, because statistically you are extremely unlikely to actually walk away and buy a new printer. So remember that even when you do go on the hunt for HP ink coupons, even if you do find a good one you will still be overpaying because you are actually just know seeing the real price of the printer you have bought.

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That is just one of the reasons I have started this little site where I have all my friends that are still working with HP provide me all the HP ink coupons they can find. And because they are on the inside it is much easier for them to find out about the different promotions HP is preparing and to provide me with fresh information. But before we get in to that let me just tell you another little thing you might have missed when you first bought your printer: on the side it does not say that the printer ink cartridge is included but it says sample ink cartridge. That means that you don’t get a complete ink cartridge but that it is only a quarter filled one. So that is why your first ink seemed to vanish as fast as it did. And that is just another little tip you need to know about your printer so as to get you to never buy a cartridge unless it is by using HP ink coupons.

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So now that you know that even the best HP ink coupons, offering 50% off or at times 70% never ever go as low as twice the real price of the ink you might want to reconsider the way you are using your printer. For example you could double your use of the ink if you were to go in the properties of the printer and reduce the quality to half. You can actually do that with no worry for real loss of quality or readability because the printer driver itself is programed to demand much more ink than it really needs. So don’t think that just because it is a big name brand they don’t really put salt in the beer, as it were, to get your thirst up and to get you to ask for even more beer. So if you have ever thought bad about hunting down HP ink coupons let me just reassure you and tell you that you are just trying to get as close to the real price as possible.

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So here is the last thing I am going to say about the HP ink coupons featured here: because the HP promotions are region bound, sometimes not even encompassing an entire state this site has an IP plugin so it will only show the codes for your region. And if you are not seeing any HP ink coupons on this page it is because there isn’t one available for your region, so just come back in a week or so and you will see the latest HP coupons for your region.

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